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Oriental Pearls is the brainchild of Royal Pearls Investment LLC, a holding company incorporated in Meydan Free Zone. The parent company works with key business sectors in the UAE. The current specialists at Oriental Pearls consider their task to be identifying fresh business opportunities and developing new strategies to generate profits. They actively use methods of innovative entrepreneurship and value engineering to do this. Areas of influence include cultural tourism, trusts, international trade and land management.

Oriental Pearls construction firm is local, that is, its activities are limited to the city of Dubai. To emphasize its status, the owners have positioned its headquarters in the Burj Khalifa, a record-high skyscraper tower.

The developer specializes in luxury real estate. One of their landmark achievements was the signing of a contract with Tonino Lamborghini for the exclusive right to use the brand for at least ten years. The deal cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and its result was the construction of a fashionable architectural complex with the same name.

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